Walter Ryan Ezekiel Bolling (jello_7) wrote,
Walter Ryan Ezekiel Bolling

Thoughts of the road.

As I sit and wait on Liam to arrive I can't help but think how much he has changed my life for the better.
I've gone through so much in his short time here but nothing can ever change the positive impact he has had on my life already.
He's taught me that love isn't what we normally believe it is. He's taught me that love is unconditional. It doesn't wane with moods. It flourishes no matter what the situation may be.
Patience has also been implemented into my life by his presence. Before Liam I had very little patience for most anything. After a while, though, you see that patience is beautiful. Take what you have and cherish it for every moment you breathe. Take nothing for granted because you never know when things may change.
Life is very unexpected. Twists and turns are it's subtle way of shaping who we become as people during our growth.


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