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I ain't changed but I know I ain't the same...

This is my mission.
My manifesto.
My belief.
My conviction.
My passion.

You can stop at enough and go no further. Satisfied with being just another name on the teamsheet.
Or you could be their worst nightmare.
The one who can turn a game in an instant,
Who gladly takes the penalty in the 90th minute,
Who not only bleeds for his team but bleeds into them.
The one who sees the pass that no one else sees,
Makes the tackle that turns desperate defense into decisive attack,
Who turns doubt into belief,
A bus ride home in silence into one spent in deafening celebration.
Be the one they worry about days before kickoff.
Be the one they want injured in the warm-up.
Who blurs the line between hate and respect.
Who can never be stopped, only feared.
Make your mark on each and every game.
In training.
Next Saturday.
Make the difference.

Joga bonito.
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